Sixth Chassis 41 150

1929 Double Berline de Voyage, body by Bugatti

Even though this Royale has the highest chassis number, it is most probably the first “short” chassis to be bodied. The last zero in the number is probably significant here. It also has the old “shoulder less radiator. There has been a lot of confusion around the dating of this one, but Kestler book “Bugatti Royale, Le Reve Magnifique” from 1993 dates it as being built in 1929, maybe even preceding the last body on the prototype chassis (41 100), the Coupe Napoleon.

It was built in the Bugatti factory's own body shop and has an old fashioned body, much like the prototype bodies on the first “long” 41 100 chassis. It was like 41 100, never sold, but stayed in the family.

It was, together with 41 141 bought from Bugattis daughter by Briggs Cunningham in 1950, who later sold it to Cameron Peck, Chicago, then to Dr B. Skitarelic, to Jack Nethercutt, and so to Bill Harrah in 1964. Harrah sold it to Jerry Moore, Texas, who sold it to Tom Monaghan (of Domino's Pizza). It was until recently co-owned by the Blackhawk Collection, California , and the Imperial Palace Collection, Las Vegas . Latest owner is a Mr Lee of Korea who still might own it.

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