Some of the more interesting cars from our past.

Ken with one his first Austin 18's APD 824

Marjorie with their second Austin 18 CMY 150

Di and the third Austin 18 ELR 865

About 1960 Ken with his brand new Morris Oxford

He replaced the Oxford with a Riley 4/72 like this one.

Then went up market Rover 2000TC

And finally a Rover 3500S

My first car (ex Palmer and Harvey Minor Van) as purchased for £35.

Modified and repainted white with a green roof.

Marjorie's first car Morris Minor, later sold to Pete Loe is investigating the underside.

Her next car a Morris Minor 1000, WBD 314 with a hot engine but we never told her.

Morris 8 sharing the drive with a Henlys showroom delivery E Type.

My first mini as purchased.

Later heavily modified and repainted. Jim's Mini Van behind.

Loucifer, less said about her the better, she did have a hot engine that went into WBD 314

My first and only brand new car (not counting company cars) £714

VW we bough for a fiver, John, Franco & Sally. Franco's concours Mini in the garage.

We sold it for £300 a few weeks later.


GP Beach Buggy in action at Brands Hatch.

Billy stowed away in the boot of the Wolseley Hornet on the left.

Lancia Fulvia we purchased for Martin, it had a cracked block so very cheap.

1934 Morris 10/4 arriving on a Henlys Transporter.

Gordon in the Morris 10/4

1971 Sunbeam Stiletto

My first BMW 2002

Rona's old Wolseley Hornet, used by Norma.

Then we got hold of it.

Mini Cooper S

In action, Billy navigating.

BMW 700LS bought to restore, but sold to BMW Park Lane.

Second BMW 2002

I bought this Cooper S off of Bob Ashlin and then sold it back to him as he missed it so much.

Saab 900 GLE

Mercedes Benz 280, my first Merc.